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ODE W Series Solenoid Valves

Welcome to our first blog post. In this blog article, we’ll be diving deeper into the ODE W Series of solenoid valves.

This ODE 21W series solenoid valves family is very versatile as it offers a variety of voltage connections and is easy to switch between normally open and normally closed.  You are easily able to switch a magnetic kit here from normally close to a normally open as you can see with the groove lines.

This family also offers manual override as you can see here. In case of a power failure, you can turn the knob vertically and it opens or closes the valve. It also comes with progressive closing and speed control with screw adjustment in the back. The standard version comes without. There is no speed control and no manual override.

It also comes with 5-watt low voltage coil, which is smaller and used where you do not have enough capacity in the system. All these valves use an 8-watt coil all the way from 3/8 to 3-inches

These are CSA approved and UL approved. You are able to mix the coils based on whatever voltage you need, from 12 volts AC or DC to 220 volts.

Moreover, with this product, you can have an add-on such as an IP67 kit. It is easy to put this on, all you do is put the gasket at the bottom of the valve, put the coil on top and put the top gasket, and finally put the black screw cap on. You can submerge this valve in the water as it’s considered NEMA6. This is very nice and very easy as an extra option on the valve.

We also provide a variety of DIN connectors. This is similar to ASCO’s 8210 SC series. You have the 18-inch lead as an example. You have the LED light option so it gives the indication when the valve in operation or not. You also have the explosion proof DIN model. These can all be added on.

Furthermore, have the zone 1 option, which is all molded cable which goes on the valve. This comes with the 50cm cable.

The good thing about these ODE W Series solenoid valves is that you can easily change the diaphragms. For any questions, be sure to email us at sales@odevalve.com.

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