ODE Valves

ODE NSF Solenoid Valves

I have the pleasure presenting the ODE NSF Solenoid Valves, proudly manufactured in Italy.

These valves come in from 1/8-inch direct acting to meet a pressure of nearly 300 PSI. They come all the up to 3-inch in size.

Similar to other models, these valves are stamped on the side, you can see the marking on the side of the ODE NSF solenoid valves. T-series stands for NSF. T3 is on our direct acting, and if you see T5, it stands for indirect acting. T10-5 stands for the speed control and manual override functionality on these NSF solenoid valves.

Similar to other solenoid valves from ODE, you can add different coils for more power, and different addons depending on your application.

This product has a big demand as it is lead free brass, and applicable for safe drinking water. This saves you money as in many applications, people are typically using stainless steel 316, but this valve family eliminates that need and provides cost savings.

We maintain a very generous inventory of these popular NSF solenoid valves. For more information feel free to email sales@odevalve.com

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