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ODE Nickel Plated Brass Solenoid Valves

I have the pleasure of introducing the ODE Nickel Plated Brass Solenoid Valves we have to offer.

The sizes for these ODE Nickel Plated Brass Solenoid come from 1/4-inch up to 2-inch.

These valves are ideal for applications that require better protection for the surface, sulfonic acid, as well as filtration. Many people would use these nickel plated brass solenoid valves for cost savings while bringing in better aesthetic looks, again at a fracture of the price as opposed to a stainless steel solenoid valve.

We have all of them equipped with the IP67 kit in our video above, and we highly recommend it. The IP67 kit is available upon request for a few dollars which would give you the ability to submerge under water. Not only that, it would allow your coils to last longer as it gives it the added protection.

In the video, we have the solenoid valves randomly selected with different connectors for demonstration purposes. This one is a conduit using a pipe. This one is a cable restraint but it could be a conduit as well if you remove the top portion and It comes with the LED lighting.

We do also carry cable restrains, ones with no LED lighting, and finally we can have the 18-inch lead added.

Competitor brands normally offer the lead or cable restrain, we are able to do so as well providing more flexibility and connectivity.

Our products are CSA and UL approved, proudly made in Italy. We are always available should you have any inquires, we can be contacted by email at: sales@odevalve.com

Thank you for watching this video and we’ll see you soon

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