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ODE MD Series

Introducing the ODE MD Series of valves. As some of you may, or may not know, the ODE MD Series is the direct competitor of ASCO 8215 aluminum body.

These valves known as shut-off or lock-off valves, are used for safety shut off on either LPG or NPG applications.

These are very reliable, infact, these are coming with energy saving intelligent DIN connectors. These will ensure that the valves are always running cool so the coil is not heating up.

These valves are popular for gas trains, power engines and boiler applications, from 3/8-inches to 3-inches in size in both BSPT and NPT.

The ODE MD Series is commonly used in 12V or 24V DC, however we do have it available in AC voltages 12, 24, 110, and 220 as well. The coils are in low wattage at 18-Watts

These are very well designed, they do come with the 60 inch lead, but also in the 18 inch lead cable that you can attach.

Also offered in the ODE MD Series is the manual shut off. It’s a normally closed valve where you can push down and pull up to open and close manually. Again, this is a very popular valve for gas trains and power engines. As always, our valves are UL and CSA approved, made in Italy.

If you have any questions, please shoot an email to sales@odevalve.com

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