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ODE High Pressure Solenoid Valves

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing ODE High Pressure Solenoid Valves. These can be bundled up with general purpose solenoid valves or explosion proof solenoid valves assembly.

These ODE High Pressure Solenoid Valves are very economic. To name a few applications, these valves can be used in car washes, fire suppression systems, rack and parts washers, heavy duty industrial air compressors or any other air or water application where the media is being pressurized upto 1500 PSI.

Depending on the coil you are using, you can have AC or DC upto 20 BARS.

Our high pressure solenoid valves are CSA and UL approved, and it comes with a standard B-series coil. I have picked the 24DC coil in the video above, standard 8W, but you can also mount it with a 110 or 220 or 24 or any other AC coil required. This will continue to maintain you pressure rating.

Our high pressure 4966 series valve is also available, this one goes up to 100 BARS which is about 1450 PSI. You can find this valve in racks and parts washers, car washes and fire suppression systems. It is a very reliable indirect acting valve. Again you can use AC or DC coils and you do not need to use anything beyond an 8 WATT coil.

You can select addons such as the IP67 anti humidity kit, and connect different DIN connecters based on your application.

This is the beauty of ODE Solenoid Valve solutions since 1960.

High pressure solenoid valves can come in many other port sizes and port materials. For more information feel free to email sales@odevalve.com.

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