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ODE Angle Seat Solenoid Valves

Today I’ll provide you with an overview of ODE Angle Seat Solenoid Valves. ODE is mainly into solenoid valves as you know, however, ODE does expand into a large array of angle seat pneumatic valves in many different sizes. Whether they are straight, manifolded or angle seated valves, ODE has you covered.

Today’s focus is on angle seat valves which come with either plastic or stainless actuators. These valves shown in the video above are in NPT and we do offer them in flanged, welded ends as well as BSPT or based on the customer’s project need.

We have a few models shown in the video from 3/8-inch all the way up to 2 1/2-inch. These do also come with a position indicator as well as stroke limiter switch.

We offer these valves with different sealing material, using them with Teflon for higher temperatures. We do also have pilots from 1/8 to quarter inch so for three-way.

You are seeing just a few examples today, if you have any inquires, do get in touch with us by emailing us at sales@odevalve.com and our experts will connect with you.   

Remember, as always, our products are CSA and UL approved, proudly made in Italy

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